———Know Before You Go———

Money Currency is Philippino Pesos (p)
300p is equal to about $12AUD

Visa? If you are from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and planning on staying less than 30 days, there is no need for a visa. Before entering the country, you will need to show your departing ticket to customs before being allowed to check in.
Philippines has a 30 day free visa meaning you can visit the islands for 30 days before flying somewhere else or flying out and then back in. 

Can you drink the water? No, especially not in Coron. It is risky to even wet your tooth brush with the tap water. You will need to buy bottled water from supermarkets or the hostel/hotel you are staying at will usually provide fresh water for you

A Jeepley is the Philippines local bus. It is a ute where people sit in the back. 
Transport around Cebu is super easy! The yellow bus follows one route around the island. All you need to do is stand on the side of the road in the direction you are wanting to go, and wait 20-30 mins for the yellow bus.
Private vans are usually the quickest way to go from Puerto Princessa to Port Barton and El Nido.
A ferry will take you from El Nido to Coron.

Public Bathrooms are free
Is there toilet paper? Only in some bathrooms, it is best to carry tissues where ever you go
Can you flush paper down the toilet? No

Apps to make Travelling Easier
Grab – is uber for Asia
Download the Offline Google Maps