Everything You Need to Know when Swimming with Whale Sharks in Cebu, Philippines

Cost: 1050p ($28Aussie) for a 30 minute swim 

What a bucketlist moment! I still can’t believe I finally got to tick this off my list!

This is probably the biggest ADVICE I can give you! Whale shark snorkelling is ONLY from sunrise (about 6am) till 11am but the whale sharks can leave at anytime so best to do it as early as you can.

I want you to know this because we arrived at 3pm thinking it was an all day thing, and the girls I was travelling with was very disappointed when they had a flight to catch at 7am the next day and had to miss out.

Swimming with Whale Sharks is completely safe. These gentle giants only eat plankton so don’t worry, they WILL NOT EAT YOU! They are so accustomed to swimming along side humans that they don’t even notice that you are there.

So, it will cost 1050p ($28Aussie) for a 30 minute swim with these gentle giants. This includes snorkel gear and the boat ride to the swimming area.

You will need to set an alarm for 4:55 to sit and wait at the beach for sunrise before grabbing a life vest and snorkel (don’t worry, you can take the vest off before you jump in the water.) Then a boat will take you out where you jump in the water.

To avoid disappointment I want to let you know, it gets packed!! But.. I do have the perfect solution also. Sharkys Hostel is and always will be the first boat out into the water so you get the chance to swim alone with these gentle giants for a couple of minutes. I mean although it is packed, it won’t feel it because each boat has its own whale shark, so I mean your swimming with the group of friends you made at sharkys anyway. It’s not until you get back on the boat and actually see how many other boats there are. 

I’m not sure what other sites you can book through, but I booked Sharky’s Hostel through Hostelworld.

It’s difficult to show just how big these gentle giants are. But this is photo shows the man is the size of the tail..

Okay real talk. I must admit, Oslob is not the most ethical choice when swimming with whale sharks, although you are always guaranteed a sighting no matter what day.

As the locals in Oslob feed these big fish every morning, Whale Sharks have started to heavily rely on this feeding time as one of their main sources of food. This not only means that if the humans disappear one day, the Whale Sharks will be left helpless but it has disturbed their mating patterns as previously they made their way to the deeper, cooler waters during mating season and now, this has completely changed.

There are also options of diving in the deep with these majestic creatures.

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