Kawasan Falls

Entry Fee: 45 pesos ($1.19 Aussie)

Try to get there early around 7am to see the true magic. We had the falls with a few other families but you really get to see the raw beauty without the hundreds of kids and tourists which you’ll start to see around 9:30am.

There are a few tiny lockers BUT if you go early in the morning you can just put your stuff on the tables as you swim. It’ll all be within eye sight and I left my drone, camera and go pro on the table and felt completely safe. 

From where the bus drops you off, it is about a 1.5 km
walk to the falls but it’s honestly breathtaking. Stop along the way, walk across a few bridges and take in the view.

You walk along the river with palm trees just lined all the way down, then through a small village before reaching paradise. You can swim throughout the park but I wouldn’t recommend you jump the falls without a guide. There are canyoneering tours available and I would say its probably easier to book one with a local on the spot when you arrive. That way you can negotiate. There are so many. 
If you are wanting to plan your tour, you can check out KLook for good deals.

The First Falls

To reach the second falls. Walk along path on the left side of the water and follow the stairs up and around until you reach a few houses, then follow the stairs down and you’ll come out at the base of the second falls.

The Second Falls

To reach the third falls you will need to cross the bamboo bridge to reach this side and follow the steps up to the left.

The Third Falls

Walk up the stairs on the right hand side to reach…

Directions to Kawasan Falls from Maoboal

  • If you are staying at Panagasama Beach (party street in Moalboal) you will need to catch a taxi back to the main road. This will take about 20 minutes
  • Wait on the side of the road in the direction you are wanting to go and wait up to 30 minutes for the yellow bus and wave it down.
  • It will cost around 30 pesos and half an hour to reach Kawasan Falls

Directions to Kawasan Falls from Oslob

  • If you are staying in the Whale Shark Town just south of Oslob (this is where you stay when you want to swim with the whale sharks at sunrise) then stand on the side of the road in the direction you are wanting to go (the sea side) and wait up to half an hour for the yellow bus
  • It will cost around 50 pesos to take you on a 20 minute ride to Batu
  • From Batu you will need to transfer to another bus heading in the direction of Moalboal. It will cost around 70 pesos and take one hour to reach Kawasan Falls.

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