Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong

Before I went, three of my friends recommended this place to me. @overpackedsuitcase, Jacob and my friend Ben who actually lives in Hong Kong.

With people lining up around the block as we arrived to this place, we knew we definitely had to check it out now. They actually went through everyone in the queue in no time and before we knew it they were serving us our little cafe booth and menus.

The right photo is a set menu. I had the second option ($46 HKD) which included:

  • Macoroni Pork soup
  • Scrambled Eggs and Ham on thick toast 
  • Ice Milk Tea 

Although it doesn’t look like much, this three course meal will surprise you. The scrambled eggs are soooo fluffy.. they just melt in your mouth! I never knew you could even make eggs as good as this. haha I will need to find this recipe.

For 5 people total of the bill was 220$HKD which included three of the set menu options, a steamed pudding and a cappuccino.

This place is known for their steamed pudding so definitely have one to try. You will need to buy this separately to the set menu. But, if you have some time walk around the corner to try Yew Shun Milk Company. Ben swore this steamed pudding tastes even better.

Directions to the Australian Dairy Company
Catch the train to Jordan station
Take exit C2 and turn left then cross the road
Walk another block and as you reach the intersection, turn right (cross the road) and follow the street till you reach the yellow sign.. or the long queue that snakes around the block

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