Start the Day with Platform 82’s Epic Big Breakfast Tower Feast

Platform 82

Location: Platform 82, Queen St Concord West, Sydney 

Starting the morning off right, head down to Platform 82 for a feast an a half.. Even their coffees are worth your time.


This cafe is like any other cafe serving all your favourites including smashed avo, muesli and yogurt, poached eggs on toast.. UNTIL you come across their famous Breakfast Platter. A two tiered platter of goodness with everything you could wish for.


The base includes everything from scrambled eggs, poached eggs, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, spinach, salami, tomato, hash browns and sourdough bread and the top offers something sweet to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The perfect brunch doesn’t exis…

Sydney cafe


The menu allows you to change your platter to the way you want. From the way you like your eggs done, adding extras such as halloumi, or for $2.50 extra pp you have a choice of waffles and pancakes instead of the standard chocolate crumpets with a cornetto to top it off.

The Breakfast Share Platter comes in at approx $32pp, more depending on extras, but let me tell you, it’s well worth your money. If you aren’t looking for an all day breaky to satisfy your tastebuds, they also offer

Opening hours: 6am-3pm (Mon-Fri); 8:30am-3pm (Sat-Sun)
Get Directions:Platform 82, Concord West, Sydney 

Getting there:
Catch the train to Concord West
Take exit Queen Street
When facing the street, turn left and walk about 150m

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