Diamond Bay Reserve, Vaucluse

Location: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Diamond Bay Reserve

In the midst of Sydney city, this local gem is slowly attracting the attention from tourists and instagrammers everywhere.

This is Raiders of the lost Ark in Diamond Bay Reserve, Vaucluse.

I found this place about two years ago on instagram. It took me about 3 hours of researching to finally find the exact location.. so, I have provided the location and directions to getting there, below.


iceland godafoss-4


As it’s on the east coast of Aus, I would definitely recommend to go before midday so there are no harsh shadows and lighting when taking photos. The sun rises from the horizon, so the best time to go would ultimately be golden hour/early morning.

Make sure to check out the local cafes on your way back, there are some really cute ones.


Getting there: 

  • Location: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Diamond Bay Reserve
  • Park your car on the street along Craig Ave, if you get there early enough there should be heaps of spaces.
  • Walk down the stairs and along the boardwalk
  • You will reach a lookout. You actually want to walk past there then sneak through the gap on your left that will take you down underneath the lookout
  • Make sure to bring a friend so they can take your photo from the edge of the path opposite the lookout and stairs

Diamond Bay, Vaucluse

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