The Local Hidden Gems of Paris

The Abandoned Railway – La Petite Ceinture

Location: La Petite Ceinture Entrance

This railway line is so well hidden from the public that it goes straight through a park full of kids running around and they would never know it existed.

The first time I typed ‘La Petite Ceinture’ into maps, it lead us fence on the side of the road telling me to climb down a 10 metre drop. Eventually we found the real entrance to the train line. So I’ve added the real location above. But once you see the vibrant orange shipping container you know you’ve found the place.

Getting there: 

  • Catch the train to
  • LocationLa Petite Ceinture Entrance will take you directly to the entrance
  • Once you reach a orange shipping container, jump the fence
  • Walk 800 meters through the tunnel and through one more arch way

..and then arrive at paradise.


Underground Paris

Location: Musée des égouts de Paris, 93 Quai d’Orsay Paris

paris underground

haha now this one made me laugh. Look, it’s an interesting experience to say the least. All i wanted was this photo..

But hey it’s a great story to tell your friends over a few drinks.

This underground museum explains the history of creating under ground tunnels that run throughout the entire city. This museum actually inspired Victor Hugo’s novel, Les Miserables so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Students: €3.60
Adults: €4.40
Opening hours: 11am – 5pm

Paris Flea Market

Location: Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen 

You know your going to find a good bargain when you find yourself in a Flea Market. We went to a few around Paris, but this was by far my favourite. Old records, postcards, book store cafes and an unlimited amount of authentic French crepes on every corner.

There are 15 markets that make up the Puces. Some markets are hidden through secret alleyways, others offer vintage clothes and cute cafes. If you have enough time, explore them all and find your favourite.

Opening Hours: Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 10am-6pm; Mon 11am – 5pm
Getting there: 

  • Catch metro line 4 to Porte de Clignancourt
  • Walk towards KFC with your back facing McDonalds
  • Walk under the highway overpass and one block past it
  • Turn left onto Rue des Rosiers and start exploring

Pink Flamingo

Location: Pink Flamingo Pizza


Ahh I love everything about this. As the sun sets, grab a pizza and beer from Pink Flamingo and take a pink helium balloon to the edge of  St Martin’s Canal and enjoy a drink by the water whilst your pizza cooks. In no time at all your pizza is delivered straight to you by bike. How cool is that?!

Price: €11:50 – €17:50
Opening Hours: 7pm-11.30pm (Mon-Thurs); 12pm-2:30 & 7pm-11.30pm (Fri-Sun)

Crazy Horse Cabaret

Location: Le Crazy Horse, Champ-Élysées

Rather than spending all your money to see Moulin Rouge (unless you’re paying all that money just to say that you have been to Moulin Rouge), check out Crazy Horse. With some of the fittest, most beautiful girls you have ever seen, doing some of  most incredible performances, this is worth your money. Yes, you will see nudity the whole time, but you will also witness talent, strength and an incredible performance.

Students prices are cheaper, from what I remember I paid about €40, but they have specials on their website all the time.

Book tickets through their website:
Opening Hours: multiple shows throughout the night

Le Lavomatic Bar

Location: Le Lavomatic Bar, Paris

Tucked away, this hidden bar is a functioning laundromat by day and a hidden cocktail bar by night.

My favourite part about this, is that you have to find the hidden door in the laundromat that looks exactly like all the other washing machines. It’s a good laugh opening up all the machines trying to guess which one it is, but when you finally pick the right one, it opens up to a spiral staircase leading you up to a funky, pop art styled bar with hanging swings, 80’s sofas and a cocktail menu you must check out.

Cocktails Prices: approx. €9
Opening Hours:
6pm-2am (Tues-Sat)

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