Abandoned Brewery South of Sydney

Location: Tooth & Co Brewery, Mittagong

After spending a weekend down in Wollongong, I had the chance to explore some amazing places that had been on my radar for quite a while, including the Abandoned Old Helensburgh Tunnel. 

The Abandoned Tooth & Co Brewery did not disappoint. It had so many rooms to discover and floors to climb up in order to reach the Attic.

Entering from the basement, you will need to climb up some old stairs to reach the first floor.

First Floor


From the stairs, walk forward and and left till you see a hole in the floor. You will then need to climb up a wooden plank and push yourself up onto the next level.

Second Floor



Walk straight and you’ll see ruins of where a staircase use to be, climb up and walk along a few wooden planks to reach the third floor.

Third Floor/ Outside


Now, this is probably the toughest part but you need to jump up into that big window (seen in the image above). There will usually be a milk crate or an old chair to give you a boost, and this will take you to the Attic, finally.


paris copy 2




Getting There: 

Location: Tooth & Co Brewery, Mittagong

  • Park on the street / Catch the train to Mittagong Train Station and walk
  • Walk through the gate and down the trail to the entrance of the brewery
  • Make your way through the 1st floor to the broken staircase
  • Climb the stair case to the second floor full of rusty pillars
  • Walk forward to the left and climb up the wooden plank, through the hole in the floor
  • Walk forwards towards the broken staircase and climb up to the next storey
  • Walk outside and find the milk crate that will boost you up to the final floor
  • Walk along the wooden planks to the attic

Tooth and Co Brewery Direction.png

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