Zig Zag Railway

Location: Zig Zag Railway

AHHH so many South East Asian Vibes!
Can you believe this is only two hours drive from Sydney?!
I honestly thought I was in Sri Lanka when I was exploring this place.

The drive to get here is probably one of my favourite drives of all times. Through the Blue Mountains, down Bells Line Road you get glimpses of sheer sandstone cliffs on your left. It’s definitely a sight to see. I would recommend you pull the car over, sneak through the trees and just admire them for a while.

zig zag railway-2


There is a town 5 minutes further drive from this spot. Here is where you will find a Woolworths, petrol station, McDonalds etc.

If your feeling adventurous, check out the bottom of the railway line at ****. You will see the view of the arched bridges from the bottom of the mountain looking up and they are just as incredible as the top view. Although be careful as the bottom railway track is an actual train line. A train comes through here every few hours. We couldn’t find an easy way to get to the top from the bottom line, apart from driving around.

zig zag railway

The Real Entrance

We drove along bells line until we found a fire trail on the side of the road. Be careful turning into here as it is on a crest and is difficult to see on coming traffic so slow down.  The sandy fire trail is the last kilometre of your journey, you can drive along here if your car is suitable for it, otherwise just park on the side of the road at the entrance and walk.

The last 200 metres is walking through a few shrubs, annoying I know but this is the reason this place is so secluded.. know one knows about it.. You will descend down a slope and emerge at the beginning of the arched bridge on the top line rail.

We hung out here for about 3 hours watching the sun slowly set over the mountain range.

Everything you need to know: 

  • 2 hours from Sydney
  • Approx. 100km west of Sydney city.
  • Please expect you might get a few scratches on your lower ankles from walking through the shrubs.

Getting There: 

Map to zig zag railway

  • Drive west for approx 2 hours through Bells Line Road and over the Blue Mountains
  • Once you reach this address (Zig Zag Railway), take caution when turning right into the entrance of the fire trail
  • Either drive along fire trail (if car is suitable) or park at the entrance and walk the fire trail for about 1 km.
  • Once you reach this little curve in the track (as seen on the map), turn right
  • Start walking through ankle high shrubs, down a hill always veering in a slight right direction
  • You will reach the start on the arched bridge


Background Info: 

The Zig Zag railway was permanently closed back in 2013 due to bushfires.

They say they are due to be reopening back in 2019 which means you will be able to follow the bush walking tracks without it being prohibited, although when I went there was no sign of construction work.


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