Portugal Travel Guide


For a small entrance fee, you have access to this incredible palace overlooking as far as the eye can see. With fairy gardens everywhere you wander, it’s easy to get lost for hours. This 27 metre deep well is known as the initiation well where boys climbed down, walked through the tunnels and became a man as they walked out the other side.



I was so lucky to have visited Agueda during their Art Festival. Throughout July, the small town comes to life with colour and streets are filled with hundred of umbrellas floating in the sky.

To get here, you will need to catch an hour train ride from Aveiro.



The city is famous for its wine and they did not disappoint. The hostel I stayed in, Porto Wine Hostel had their own wine tasting experience where you taste and learn about white, pink, ruby, tawny and 10 years tawny.

Location: South side of Porto Bridge



If youv’e seen the Nazare Wave on instagram or pinterest you’ll understand the reason I spent 7 hours on a bus from Porto to get here.

I actually just laughed when I got here, because it was the complete opposite to what I was expecting. Calm day, no waves and a hot summers day. I guess that’s the beauty of travel, you never know what to really expect when you visit a place. So i made the most of it with an ice cream and refreshing swim.


Sao Miguel Island, Azores

The untouched beauty of this island is so unbelievable. I am surprised that Sao Miguel is not more popular than it is. With a combination of Hawaii, British Columbia and New Zealand.

Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel is an hours flight off the Portugese Coast.

Location: Boca Do Inferno Viewpoint, Sete Cididas

Walking around the edge of Sete Cidades until returning to our Airbnb in Bretanha.



Sandstone cliffs contrasting with the crystal blue ocean, Lagos has some of the most incredible view points. Also known for its partying and surfing, Lagos offers festivals, endless beach days and some of the best night clubs in Portugal, throughout the Summer months.

Location: Ponta Di Piedade Lookout



Along the south coast of Portugal you will find Benagil Caves. You can look from above but the only way to get inside is to hire a kayak and paddle around or take a boat tour and hope they allow you jump out of the boat and explore. Make sure to get there early before the tourists flood in and book accommodation in advance as Benagil is such a small town and there’s not a whole lot to do besides exploring this cave.

Location: Benagil Caves, Benagil 


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