Road Trippin through Albania

Three Aussies tearing it up in Albania

..So I didn’t even know Albania was a country until a week before I flew into the capital. One of my Aussie girls called me up and said “Bec we’re going on a road trip!” haha, so what’s the best thing to do before heading to place you know nothing about? Read blogs.

After reading how amazing it was, how incredibly nice everyone is there, and just falling in love with the crystal clear waters, I feel like I may have put a little too much trust into the place.

(skip next section if your just looking for the Albanian Hotspots)

haha so I rock up to the airport at 11:30-midnight and have no idea what the currency is, how to get to the city, and the transport had already stopped for the night. So I’m trying to take out cash from the ATM and the currency doesn’t add up, the ATM tells me to take out 1000 and then they are trying to charge me 750?! I end up being the last person in the airport along with a guy talking to the security guard. So I asked if they could help..

He’s in his 40’s, bald, has a huge, solid build and does professional boxing for a living. He didn’t speak much English and just says “I will take you to Tirana city” in a harsh German accent. He takes my bag to the car and opens the door for me to hop in. By this time two other huge guys hop in the car next to me.

Yes, I realise I am actually an idiot and this night will be the end for me. So I grab out my google maps, showing them to make sure we are going the right way. We get to about 5 minutes out of the city and they all turn to me and say in their German accents “We are just going to take a detour to the hospital to visit our friend”…

…Well, fuck. We turn down this bumpy side street full of pot holes and a few flickery street lamps and then down into this dark alley way. All I could think of was I had the bare essentials on me, deciding on a moment that I could make a run for it otherwise I am a gonna! We turned down darker alleyway and then turned… into the hospital, the men went in, came out five minutes later, drove me to my hostel, dropped my bags at the front door and said “it was lovely to meet you”.

Well Albania, you definitely made a first impression.

Tirana – Sky City

Free entry
Sky City captures the entire view of Tirana city. The best thing to do is relax and enjoy a cocktail as the sun sets behind the mountains.


We found a castle to climb up to and we laid out a picnic blanket and watched the sun set behind the mountains.

We stayed here for two nights. We had the chance to drive inland and explore a bit more of the countryside.

The drive to dhermi was incredible.


Situated between Croatia and Greece, you are guaranteed to see some of the best sunsets of your life.

Sea Turtle Camping

THIS PLACE ACTUALLY HAS TURTLES!! okay, well they’re tortoises. But they are so bloody cute and with 100 metre walk to the beach, what else could you want.

Gjipe Beach

The picture says it all. With the entire beach to ourselves.
Tip: Make sure to arrive early to avoid the crowds.


The Blue Eye

Butrint National Park

For a small fee of €5, you have the chance to explore the ancient Roman Ruins dating all the way back to the Iron Age. Part of the Unesco World Heritage Site, Butrint offers archaeological ruins of amphitheatres, castles and insights into what life was like living in that period.


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